Porting - 2 Stroke Engines
2 Stroke Porting

We map out the ports in each cylinder to make sure they are the same. We then can alter the shape, angle and width of the transfer ports. They have to be exact because the fuel will not enter the cylinder correctly, causing the clean air fuel mixture to mix with the exhaust gasses. This will result in loss of power. Removing to much material out of the ports will cause the crank case pressure to be lower which in turn will cause the top end power to suffer. Raising the exhaust port to high will cause the motor to become a more peaky top end machine with less of a power band width and will lose the bottom end power. The correct combination of exhaust port timing and transfer closure will give the most torque and horse power with a wider power band. Shade tree porting will cause great power loss and may even destroy the cylinder and motor.

At GassRx, we take the time to measure the ports by "mapping them out" and making the correct decision with the aid of our Computer Aided Design (CAD) program which will give you the best port work available. Unlike some of the larger high performance companies, you get one-on-one service with a a qualified porting expert. Give us a call, we'd be more than happy to answer any questions about our work and what combinations are most likely to help you obtain the best performance out of your machine.

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